The Ideology and Tactics of Anti-Communism: Myths and Reality (eBook)


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In recent years imperialism has considerably intensified its ideological diversions as a necessary preliminary to aggressive action.

Using armed force and exporting counterrevolution it attempts to turn back the wheel of history, to smother the flame of revolutionary struggle in Asia, Africa and Latin America, to wage an attack on the working class and the forces of democracy in capitalist countries and to sap the strength of the socialist world.

Imperialism wants to weld together all reactionary forces under the ideological banner of anti-communism. During preparations for the Second World War, anti-communism paved the political and ideological way for the emergence of nazism. The appearance of fascist regimes in a number of countries was -accompanied by a wave of anti-communist hysteria combined with the unprecedented gamble of the anti-capitalist mood of the masses and the nationalist sentiments among the petty bourgeoisie. In this way imperialist ideology gained a wide social base.

The defeat of the nazi armed forces by the Soviet army, in alliance with all democratic forces led to the collapse of the social and political system of fascism and thereby undermined the influence of its ideology. However, imperialism survived and so did the basis on which anti-communism is built.

In the post-war period, imperialist forces began to step up their output of anti-communist propaganda. At the same time, they were faced with the problem of inventing new forms of social demagogy and ways of ideologically mystifying the people at large. This rise in anti-communist propaganda went hand in hand with a move to hoodwink the people in capitalist countries with a heap of misrepresentations into accepting the cold war and the anti-communist histeria which imperialism was fomenting.

One of the strategic aims of bourgeois propaganda is to present anti-communism as political platform of struggle for “freedom” and “democracy”. With this in mind bourgeois propagandists ply the people of capitalist countries with the notion that the communist movement is “anti-democratic” and that the Soviet Union and the other socialist countries are “aggressive”. Bourgeois propaganda and numerous ideological operations undertaken after the war have all been subordinated to this aim.

One of the vital questions facing modern anti-communist propaganda is how to induce and spread illusions. Bourgeois propagandists have resolved and are resolving this problem today, but in the final issue the question goes even deeper–how to create a whole system of illusory notions, a kind of “twisted mind”, which, when moulded, would turn the population of capitalist countries into a willing pawn in the foul political game imperialism is playing.

No matter how paradoxical this may seem, anti-communism based its whole brainwashing process on the political apathy among certain strata of the population–a mood nurtured by the imperialist ideologists after the war. This mood formed the breeding ground for a whole assortment of illusions which created the proper psychological conditions for the mushrooming of neofascist organisations and the initiation of aggressive adventurist policy.

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