Racism: An Ideological Weapon of Imperialism (eBook)


A Soviet analysis on how rascism is used by imperialist, bourgeois governments in maintaining their military and economic dominance throughout the world.


In our age of great scientific and cultural advance, racist views and morals dating back to the Middle Ages continue to exist in the West. Pseudo-scientific books are written to justify various racist theories. Racism is openly propagated in newspapers and magazines, films and on TV.

Racist theories are spearheaded against the ideology of fraternity and friendship among nations. The racists strive to refute the thesis that working people of different races and nationalities do not and cannot have any grounds for mutual hatred. They seek every possible opportunity of undermining the powerful influence the ideology of proletarian internationalism exerts on mankind. In order to achieve this they, again and again, spread theories holding that some nations are superior to others and mutual racial hatred is inevitable.

The imperialist ideologists devote particular attention to the African continent. This is quite understandable. “Africa despised and deprived of all rights, today occupies the dominant place in the expansionist plans of the imperialist powers,” said Sekou Toure, the President of the Republic of Guinea, at the 15th session of the U.N. General Assembly. The Western Powers are desperately clinging to this fabulously rich continent out of which, over many decades, they have been pumping out gigantic profits.

As a matter of fact the imperialists are unable to withstand the urge of the African people towards independence; what they can do, however, is to put a brake on this process and stem the national liberation of some oppressed peoples for as long as possible. To quote Kwame Nkrumah, President of the Republic of Ghana, they often “make a present” of independence to African peoples with one hand only to take it away with the other. This is the essence of neo-colonialism which is usually accompanied by high-flown speeches about the Western Powers’ aid to economically underdeveloped countries and their civilising mission.

The American monopolists are the chief exponents of present-day neo-colonialism and they have already laid their hands on the numerous sources of strategic raw materials in Africa. From 1943 onwards all the uranium ore mined in the Belgian Congo has gone to the U.S.A. Seeing that the time of the European imperialists is running out, the U.S.A. is taking steps to fill in their shoes. Between 1940 and 1960, the total of the U.S. government and private investments in Africa rose, according to American official statistics, 20 times over. Several hundred U.S. industrial companies have been set up in Africa. More and more big business groups are making their way to this continent urged by the greed for profit.

In an attempt to conceal their neo-colonialist aims bourgeois propagandists extensively advocate racial prejudice along with other forms of ideological influence on the masses. Racism is quite strong in the U.S.A. and has a foothold in other capitalist countries as well. Racialist fabrications are still a prime means of justifying colonial rule.

Hence it is of the utmost importance to expose the pseudo-scientific arguments of the racists and their new allegations and tactics used to revive antiquated racial theories which are doomed to extinction by history. It would be a bad mistake on the part of the newly-free peoples to ignore the need for a consistent and systematic struggle against racism.

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F. Leonidov



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Circa 1970


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