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After being forgotten for over fifty years, this excellent work on fundamental Marxist philosophy has been re-discovered, edited and transcribed into a digital format for readers of a new generation. As relevant as the day it was published, this book opens up a new perspective to those who find the ideas and politics of modern society severely lacking in any depth or solid foundation. By studying the Fundamentals of Dialectical Materialism, readers will discover how the scientific method applies not just to the natural sciences, but also to human society, ideology, and politics.

From the Introduction:
Dialectical and historical materialism is the revolutionary philosophy of the working class and of all working people. Its revolutionary substance fuses organically with its profoundly scientific and objective substance as a philosophical system, and as a method. Marxist philosophy is capable of performing its historical mission as a method of revolutionary action precisely because all its principles and all its content are objectively true and objectively scientific. It is this unity of revolutionary partisanship and scientific truth that lends redoubtable strength to Marxist-Leninist philosophy, imparting to it a practical and vital purport.
It follows inevitable from the above that deep and systematic study of Marxist-Leninist philosophy, so intimately associated with the practical struggle of the working class, is one of the most important tasks of all Communist Parties. Maurice Thorez pointed out rightly that “economic and political struggle is indissolubly connected with the struggle in the theoretical plane” and that successful struggle for socialism and progress calls for tireless efforts in exposing “idealism of all forms, ranging from atheistic existentialism to religious mysticism.”
The part Marxist-Leninist philosophy plays in the revolutionary education of the masses and in combating the corrupting influence of bourgeois ideas is incalculable. Marxist-Leninist philosophy is universal in this respect, for it is necessary to fight bourgeois philosophy in all spheres of spiritual life. This was specifically emphasized by Lenin in his article, “On the Significance of Militant Materialism.” Referring to the role played by dialectical materialism in the fruitful development of natural science, he wrote: “It must be realized that no natural science and no materialism can hold its own in the struggle against the onslaught of bourgeois ideas and the restoration of the bourgeois world outlook unless it stands on solid philosophical ground.” Lenin noted further that the struggle cannot be successful, unless the progressives master the materialism represented by Karl Marx, that is, dialectical materialism.

The course in Marxist-Leninist philosophy which follows covers all the main problems of dialectical materialism.

The chief purpose in studying Marxist-Leninist philosophy is to assimilate its principles, its revolutionary dialectical method, and its creative essence which flows from its organic ties with the scientific cognition of the world and with the practical struggle of the working class and its Party. It is highly important, therefore, to consider the ideas and the content of the philosophical works of the Marxist-Leninist classics in close association with the ideological struggle of the modern epoch.

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